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August 16, 2019 - Capes Shipping is hiring: Do you want to work on the waterfront? An opportunity to break into the industry with Capes Shipping Agencies

At Capes Shipping Agencies, you will belong to a company with a 60 year legacy of superior service and a team of passionate maritime professionals working together to provide top notch service to our global maritime partners. Our headquarters in Norfolk, VA is offering a unique opportunity to candidates eager to learn about the maritime industry, and who seek excitement, challenge and growth.

Among the many aspects of the position, boarding agents will board and coordinate arrivals and departures of commercial vessels, coordinate vendors and husbandry services, prepare maritime trade documents, manage vessel and customer accounts, engage with United States Department of Homeland Security and oversee vessel loading and discharging operations.

Your experience will extend beyond daily responsibilities as you engage in international commerce. You will work with experienced maritime professionals who are engaged and invested in your success as a boarding agent.

We are seeking candidates with previous experience as well as those wishing to break into the maritime industry.


May, 2018 - Capes Shipping Agencies celebrates our 60 year anniversary at the Hampton Roads Coal Association Spring Reception. We are grateful for all the support from the maritime community.


July, 2013 - Capes Shipping Agencies announces Baltimore location December, 2012 - Capes Shipping Agencies announces expansion into the Gulf and PNW; joint venture with Gulf veteran Southport Agencies